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3 to 9 week Course

Post Pusher University

We are a team of digital marketers content creators artists and social media influencers. We have been servicing people who want to grow their business or reputation online for 20 years now. With Organic, strategy based services we have managed to stay relevant through this age of online ads. As we continue to bridge the gap between independent and mainstream creators we realize the internet has completely taken over and technology hast taken many jobs. Digital Marketing is something that you cant template and use for everyone. Digital Marketing is unique to each person or business it services. In this course you will learn how to be a better Digital Marketer using free Social Media Platforms. You will learn how to build your own system and create your own salary all while growing your reputaion Following and or brand. This course can take 3 to 9 months to finish depending on how fast you learn or how much time you have set aside for knowledge. We Are here to spread our knowledge of Organic artist, influencer, brand and company growth. With tactics we have learned over 20 years in the business. This is a Billion dollar industry and we have digital marketers who are making over 100k a year. 

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  • 3 to 9 week course

  • $25 Admission Fee

  • $399 Course Fee (Payment Plans Available)

  • By end of course you will have your own Digital Marketing Company

  • Caree opportunity as Content Creator or Digital Marketer @postpusher

  • All the tools you need to be a successful artist

  • Management Deal Consideration with Post Pusher Management

  • Access to upgraded Digital Marketing Knowledge and Downloads on the website for life 

  • Post Pusher Digital Marketing Certification


We will build a community through knowledge and we all will work together in figuring out the best ways to navigate the internet. We want to be the biggest community of digital marketers in the world. The difference between learning Digital Marketing with Post Pusher and everywhere else is that we set you up to start making money from the first day of class.

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